A Big Hello


As this is my first blog post, I think it’s only right to introduce my self.

Hello, It’s lovely to meet you! 

My Name is Carolyn Rouse and I’m the artist and designer behind Paperpaintpixels.

To get to know me better and in the spirit of my favourite film Amelie (2001), here are a few a few of my likes and dislikes:


  • Early morning walks when the ground is frosty. You can’t beat crunching on grassy fields.
  • Seeing Swans flyover head and wondering how do they fly?
  • Dancing in the kitchen with the family to Earth, Wind and Fire.
  • Sneaking peanut butter from the jar for me and the dog.


  • My Socks falling down inside wellington boots and scraping my heels.
  • My shoulders being stiff from too much time at my desk.
  • Speaking to someone on the phone when they are busy with something else.
  • Not being able to find matching pillow cases in the airing cupboard.